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What is Content Curation? - EContent Magazine
Content Curation is the act of discovering, gathering, and presenting digital content that surrounds specific subject matter. Though it is still considered a "buzz word" by many in the content world, content curation is now becoming a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.nUnlike content marketing, content curation does include generating content, but instead, amassing content from a variety of sources, and delivering it in an organized fashion. For instance, a content curator is not necessarily responsible for creating new content, but instead, for finding relevant content pertaining to a specific category and funneling this information to readers in a mash-up style.nWho Are the Content Curators?nContent curation is all around us. It can take the form of an RSS feed, links posted on blogs, social media feeds, or an online news mashup like the ECDaily. There are no limits when it comes to the types of content either. Videos, articles, pictures, songs, or any piece of online digital content that can be shared can be curated. Many of us have been participating in content curation for years without even knowing it. Anyone with a Facebook feed or Twitter stream has seen content curation first hand. Other examples include popular online destinations like Delicious and Digg, both social bookmarking sites that allow users to share content and vote on whether it is interesting or not, Alltop.com, a site which collects headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs by topic, or even your local news site, which more often than not, pulls stories from other sources and displays them in a "Top News" fashion.nWhat are the Secrets of Successful Content Curation?nIt is no secret that there is a lot of information on the internet. Therefore, to be successful with content curation in a business setting, it is important to display only the best, most relevant content possible. The process of content curation is similar to making a mi
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The most interesting wave hitting the social web in 2012 is social curation.  This was kicked off in 2011 as Pinterests growth was noticed by Silicon Valley and a number of companies quickly followed suit - Snip.It launched as a social information curation platform, Quora adopted boards for a similar purpose, and Fab.com launched a structured social commerce feed. In this blog post I will discuss the evolution of social media from long-form to push-button, the emergence of social curation on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, and the move to structured sets of curated content on Pinterest and its brethren. But first, the meta-trend.... In the evolution of social media over the last decade, the trend has been a move from long form content, which has high friction of participation (both on the production and consumption side) to ever lower requirements placed on a user to participate in a conversation.n1999-2004 Blogging Platforms.nBlogger (launched in 1999) and other early social media sites were longer form blogs.  The bar to write content was reasonably high.  These sites effectively had two separate users bases: people who wrote the content (1% or less of users) and people who read or consumed the content (99% of users).  Yelp (2004) is basically a food blogging platform where reviewers will go on about how their boyfriend was mean to them during dinner, before actually reviewing the food.n2004-2007 Status Message Networks.nFacebook (2004) and Twitter (2006) transformed social media by moving from long form blogging to short form social snippets in the form of photos (Facebook) and status updates (Twitter).  This decreased the friction to both producing as well as consuming content, leading to extremely broad participation by a global user base. 2007-2010 Push Button Interactions. Some interesting organic user behavior emerged on Twitter, as users would "re-tweet" content as a way to re-broadcast another persons content to their own network.  Simil
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Through%20channels%20such%20as%20Facebook%2C%20Twitter%2C%20LinkedIn%2C%20Google %20and%20more%2C%20we%u2019ve%20all%2C%20to%20some%20extent%2C%20become%20content%20curators.%20That%20is%2C%20we%20find%2C%20collect%20and%20share%20web%20and%20digital%20content%20with%20others%20with%20similar%20interests.%20But%20content%20curation%20is%20gaining%20popularity%20as%20part%20of%20an%20integrated%20marketing%20strategy%20for%20businesses%20as%20well%u2014so%20much%20so%20that%20it%20is%20the%20cover%20story%20on%20the%20January/February%20issue%20of%20Communication%20World%2C%20published%20by%20the%20International%20Association%20of%20Business%20Communicators%20%28IABC%29.%20The%20issue%20features%20the%20use%20of%20content%20curation%20by%20companies%20and%20organizations.%20Although%20the%20act%20is%20similar%20to%20that%20of%20individuals%2C%20curation%20for%20business%20can%20be%20defined%20as%20identifying%20and%20collecting%20the%20most%20valuable%2C%20useful%20and%20credible%20content%2C%20filtering%20it%20and%20sharing%20it%20with%20your%20audience%u2014or%20other%20people%20who%20are%20interested%20in%20that%20content.%20%A0The%20issue%20contains%20compelling%20articles%20by%20marketing%20and%20communication%20professionals%20Shel%20Holtz%2C%20principal%20of%20Holtz%20Communication%20 %20Technology%3B%20%A0Rohit%20Bhargava%2C%20%A0senior%20vice%20president%20of%20Global%20Digital%20Strategy%20at%20Ogilvy%3B%20and%20an%20opinion%20piece%20by%20Ann%20Handley%2C%20chief%20content%20officer%20of%20MarketingProfs%20and%20co-author%20of%20Content%20Rules.%20How%20to%20Create%20Killer%20Blogs%2C%20Podcasts%2C%20Videos%2C%20Ebooks%2C%20Webinars%20%28and%20More%29%20That%20Engage%20Customers%20and%20Ignite%20Your%20Business.%20To%20have%20major%20thought%20leaders%20in%20communication%20weigh%20in%20on%20this%20means%2C%20it%u2019s%20an%20important%20topic%20for%20communication%20professionals.%20%A0As%20Ann%20Handley%20put%20it%2C%20%u201CContent%20curation%20isn%u201
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Predictions for book discovery: content discovery will require recommendations, intelligent curation of content..not easy, cheap technology.
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