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  • Yii

    Yii- yee %3A Yes it is...%0A%0AAs a development framework%2C Yii is so much faster because it is using the lazy loading technique extensively. For example%2C it does not include a class file until the class is used for the first time%3B and it does not create an object until the object is accessed for the first time. Other frameworks suffer from the performance hit because they would enable a functionality %28e.g. DB connection%2C user session%29 no matter it is used or not during a request.%0A%0AGo through this mag to know more about this great framework.....

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  • Creating HTML Email - Even In Outlook

    Marking up HTML email is totally different to making up a website in HTML. Be warned%2C getting an email to look the same across all clients is actually more difficult than getting a website to look the same across all browsers.%0A%0AThere are requirements when we need to write HTML newsletter to work in same manner across browsers and clients%28mail%29.%0A%0AI recently had to redo an email newsletter which I was designing for our users%2C as it was not properly displaying in outlook. I ended up with couple of learning and a entire new email that rendered the same across all browsers and email clients. I was so obsessed with it that I left the work on hand and it compelled me to create this Themeefy Mag.%0A%0AThis gave me a new learning about so many elements not working in mail clients - here a brief compilations of the same -.

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  • Mangal Pandey - One Man Rising Against The Empire

    Mangal Pandey %2819 July 1827 %26acirc%3B%80%93 8 April 1857%29 %3A sepoy in the 34th Regiment of the Bengal Native Infantry %28BNI%29 - widely known in India as one of its first freedom fighters - March 29%2C 1857 incident marked an opening stage in what came to be known as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 or the First War of Indian Independence.%0A%0A1857 or the First War of Indian Independence.%0A%0A%0AHis name has been synonymous with revolt.%0A%0A.

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  • Dreams


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  • Train

    Please add a short description of your Themeefy Magazine. This will help your readers to get an idea of the content and entice them to continue reading%21.

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  • Life in a day

    Finding the answers to life%5C%27s question - big or small is like trying to drink from a firehose. %0A%0AIt just happened for me to sit back and look for what I have done uptil now.%0A%0AUnfolding the past%2C and recalling whether I have done something that I lived for.%0A%0AHere is a brief walk through of my life to see how I reached to this day 16th December%2C2011 ....%21%0A%0A%0A%0ARules are just helpful guidelines for people who can%5C%27t make up their own minds.%0A - Samuel Johnson %281709 - 1784%29%2C quoted in Boswell%5C%27s Life of Johnson.

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  • Implementation Knowledge


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  • Extinct Birds

    List of 10 birds that have gone extinct since the year 1500. Since 1500, over 190 species of birds have become extinct..

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  • 01 : Bench Marking Tools

    Collection of some reference pages / articles/ files related to web application load testing and performance analysis..

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  • Interesting Facts